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7 Signs that God has Someone for You

Do you wonder if God has someone for you or for someone you know?

Are you frustrated by the lack of clarity on this subject? Are you afraid that you or your loved one might be resigned to singleness forever? Are you confused about if God still does things like this today?

These are normal feelings when you don't have certainty about what God is promising you.

But this book will be the clarity you have been looking for!

7 Signs that God has Someone for You will give you great insight into what God is promising you and give you the answers you have been looking for. Way more than just a list of 7 signs, this powerful book will awaken hope in your heart and equip you with the tools needed for Biblical discernment about your situation.

If you are someone who desires confirmation that God has someone out there for you, these "7 signs" will be a great encouragement to you.

Get the answers you have been looking for today!

Here is what some are saying about 7 Signs that God has Someone for You:

"This is an amazing book, filled with biblical examples, personal anecdotes, compelling reasoning, and wise and encouraging advice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who is single, and to all the friends of single people. It can change the way you think about God and his perfect will for your life." -Dr. Jim Taylor Jr.

"Great book! Really gives insight and makes you think. Highly recommended!" -Bryce Hayden

"If you have been looking and wondering if there is someone out there for you...this book gives you the 7 signs you should be looking for in your quest to find that special someone." -Tari Terrell

A few excerpts from the book:

"Don't think that just because you want it, that means God wants something different!"

"If our faith rests on anything other than God's power, we risk walking in perpetual doubt simply so that we will never be disappointed. But isn't a life of doubt and unbelief already a disappointment?"

"Sometimes God is making us thirst for the very thing He is going to give us."

"So if you hear stories all of the time about how people fell in love, don't get jealous--get inspired! It may be God's way of showing you what He is about to give you, not showing you what you will never have."

"In the kingdom of God surrender means letting go, not giving up."

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