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Book Recommendation: Victorious Emotions

Let me begin by saying what an honor it is to recommend and promote such an amazing book and author. Wendy Backlund has written down revelations that God has given to her about how to have Victorious Emotions.

Korie and I both started reading this book in the fall of 2019 and were blown away. For us, we read it slowly because the truths presented therein were very strong and needed digested and savored.

Before I give you a few of our favorite quotes from the book, let me share what the general focus of the book is about from the book description:

"Victorious Emotions will help create happiness as your default emotion. Even if we have unhappy circumstances, we can build a system of beliefs that, as effortless as the tides, will always bring us back to joy. Victorious Emotions gives powerful, practical strategies to live out Romans 12:2, which says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind...

The goal of this book is not to focus on eliminating negative emotions, but to build a tidal wave of victorious emotions that are pulled into our lives as easily and surely as the ocean tides appear every day. It is time to be overtaken by emotions that lead us into victory."

Let me just say that this book has our full endorsement. Wendy and Steve Backlund are powerful voices of truth for setting Christians free from the lies of the enemy. They are some of the most positive people you could ever find - but that Biblical lifestyle was developed through many seasons of hardship and learning how to manage their thoughts before their circumstances changed.

Some of our favorite quotes (among MANY MANY MANY) in this book are:

"One day God said, 'Wendy, asking yourself how you feel today is the wrong question. You should instead ask yourself, "What do I believe today?"'"

"My most difficult hurdle for hope was the fear of disappointment. God said I could live a hope-filled life with a few disappointments or I could live a hopeless life that was safe. I decided my hopeless life wasn't that much fun anyway, so I made a conscious effort to live a life of hope and count the disappointments as the cost of a great life. It was worth it!"

"Religion only celebrates perfection, but family celebrates progress."

"Our hope has to be established in a belief system about God's goodness and love. We cannot just work up an emotion. The emotion is generated by our beliefs in His faithfulness. One of my favorite questions to ask when I experience a tough situation is: 'What do I need to believe to have hope for this?'"

"It has been discovered that healthy, happy people tend to attribute good events they experience to who they are. They also believe good is more permanent. What is even more amazing is that when negative things happen to happy people, they believe the bad is transient or not their fault. Unhappy, pessimistic people, however, tend to attribute good events as transient because they attribute them to chance rather than being birthed out of their own identity. They will think of negative things as more permanent, and they will connect the negative circumstances to their identity and inadequacies."

"If we are not experiencing what God says He has given us, it could be because we are subconsciously believing a lie that is opposing the truth that we consciously believe."

"Many people think resting in God means an absence of activity. But resting in God is actually doing an activity from a place of rest or emotional peace."

"One of the things that robs us of our assurance of a great future is the fear that other people and circumstances have disqualified us from our destiny."

"One of the most helpful beliefs I have cultivated is that God always has a solution."

While I could include a lot more quotes from the book that give you taste of the incredible life transformation Wendy describes. I will leave you with this powerful quote that (in my opinion) summarizes the whole premise of this book:

"Experience usually follows a change in belief, not the other way around."

To get your copy of Victorious Emotions, go to:


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P.S. You can find out more about Wendy & Steve's Ministry at

P.P.S. We do not receive any money for this nor for your purchase. We truly believe this is one of the most beneficial resources you could purchase in this time!

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