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The Top 5 Books I've Read in 2020

Wes Raley


Last fall when I wrote what would become an Amazon #1 Best Seller, He Sat Down (So You Can Too): How to Receive the Peace of Jesus in a World that Stands - all about becoming a calm person on the inside and living with the literal peace of Jesus that God promised us - I was writing much from a place of things that God had walked me through personally. I'm a fairly avid reader, but during the writing process, I had basically no time or mental space to read other books. Then I wrote 7 Signs that God is Speaking to You this spring and once again didn't have much time to read other books. But now that I am in between writing, I have been able to knock out some great books that were on my list to read. Below are the top 5 books I've read in 2020. 

The Top 5 Books I've Read In 2020

1) Victorious Emotions: Creating a Framework for a Happier You

Author: Wendy Backlund

Overview: This was the first book I finished in 2020 - and even though I started this and several of the books on the list in 2019, it felt like a meaningful thing that it was the first finish this year. With such a crazy start to the year, this book was like water to my soul teaching me how to think Biblically in the middle of circumstances that may not be ideal. What a powerful read all about changing the way you think to experience different results than you've been experiencing!

Find out more here.

2) Five Wealth Secrets 96% Of Us Don't Know

Author: Craig Hill

Overview: What an entertaining way to learn about the Biblical foundations of a wealth mentality! This book really helped me to see old lies that I had believed which were coming from a "poverty mentality." Some of the concepts this book details have been revolutionary for us. The way the book is laid out is in a story format of a father teaching his son about handling money, finances, opportunity, purpose, calling, risk, and wealth.

Find out more here.

3) Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind

Author: Joyce Meyer

Overview: This was the second time through this book for me but I picked up so much more than I remembered from before. Another incredible book about changing your mind to have a transformed life (Romans 12:2). If you've never read any of Joyce's books, I highly recommend them. I have never been more happy, joy-filled, and content in the last few years than when I have truly applied the principles that Joyce teaches about mind renewal both here and in her other books. Powerful!

Find out more here.

4) Living from the Unseen: Reflections from a Transformed Life

Author: Wendy Backlund

Overview: Yes - you got that right. I read a SECOND book by Wendy Backlund and loved this book as much as (if not even more than) the first book. Wendy and her husband Steve have a powerful ministry called Igniting Hope ( that has literally been transformational for my wife Korie and me. We even attended their virtual conference this April after reading these two books. I highly recommend their writings and ministry! By the way, this particular book has very short chapters (like one or two pages) that my wife and I read every day like a daily devotional together. It was great for both our marriage and personal walks with the LORD!

Find out more here.

5) The Power of Favor: The Force That Will Take You Where You Can't Go On Your Own

Author: Joel Osteen

Overview: Wow I was so blessed and encouraged by this book! Korie got if for me for my birthday this year and I savored every page. If you've read this far in the email and have some how written off Joel Osteen, please let me tell you - as someone who wants to fully honor the Word of God, I have been so encouraged by Joel's ministry. I even had to repent for writing him off years ago and suggesting he was a bad guy. So much so that I wrote a letter to him and thanked him and asked him to forgive me for simply believing what I had heard about him or taking a few words out of context. Truly, I have not met ONE person who has listened FULLY to one of his messages that could point out ANY Biblical error. In fact, the friends I've had who have had an issue with Joel Osteen - without fail - have ALL never listened to ONE of his messages fully. Boy are they missing out, and I was too until the LORD showed me that Joel has a ministry of encouragement - something so many people need today! This book is one of the absolute best reads I've had in years and was very timely for me. What a great birthday gift from my wife!

Find out more here.

I hope one or more of these books above blesses you the way they have me!

God bless you,

Wes Raley

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