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Their Disappointment Is Not Your Disappointment

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

You may be held back because of what it appears like God didn’t do in someone else’s life. Perhaps you have heard a story of someone who believed that God had a spouse for them but never found the one. The problem with embracing their experience as your theology is simply that—it’s not you!

You have not been given authority over their situation. You have not experienced their emotions, choices, faith, or preparation. You have only been given authority over your thoughts and faith.

The second you start interpreting who God is based on someone else’s disappointments is the second you stop seeing God accurately. You risk missing the work He wants to do in your life simply because you were focused on someone else’s.

I believe that embracing the disappointments of others is one of the primary ways that Satan can make us doubt our own destiny.

We must begin to see God in line with who He says He is and stop fearing that He’s not going to come through for us!

Believing that God has the best in mind for you is the starting place for discernment.

Seeking Him isn’t done simply by praying but by changing our mindset—renewing our minds that God has good plans for us. We seek Him by aligning how we think with who He says He is.

So, do you believe that God has good plans for you?

Do you believe that you will find Him when you seek Him with all of your heart and not just halfway?

When you place your faith in God like this, you will start to see Him in a different way. Your relationship with Him will flourish, and you will begin to hear and discern things more accurately.

-Excerpt from 7 Signs that God has Someone for You

Wes Raley

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