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What if David had lived like we do?

Psalm 23 Unseated

I am my own shepherd. Therefore, I must run myself ragged to make sure I have everything I need. Striving is my way of life.

Gone are the days of enjoying my Master’s protection, for I have gone my own way.

I refused to lie down at my Master’s invitation. I found green pastures and still waters too unproductive to embrace. I wanted to have success at all costs, even the cost of a barren soul.

For the paths my Master was leading me on didn’t exalt my own name quickly enough.

Even though things press in, I choose to press on—I try to run through this valley. Slowing down is unacceptable, for getting things done is my focus and productivity my way of life. Even though I kick and scream and try to do everything I can to end the hardship I am experiencing, I cannot shake the anxiety. I feel utterly undone. Utterly alone.

For I ran from my Master’s discipline and took no pleasure in His guidance.

I suffer open shame in the presence of my enemies. For the anointing my Master placed on me I disregarded. I looked at life as a glass half empty. My focus was on lack and therefore, lack became my life. I failed to steward what He did give me because my focus was on what He did not.

My confident expectation is that hardships, catastrophes, and worst-case scenarios will follow me wherever I go, and I shall live out my days under the barren lean-to of my own creation.

-Psalm 23 Unseated

#HeSatDown #SoYouCanToo

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