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Worth the Wait

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Korie and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this week. I praise God for every single day I've had with this amazing woman. I felt that these words I previously wrote aptly describe my joy and conviction that God's promises are always worth the wait.

My Perfect Match

There she was all dressed in white

Finally I saw my destiny in sight

She walked down the aisle with incredible grace

And I’ll never forget the look on her face

If only I’d known this was how I’d feel

The joy of the moment was so surreal

Never thought it would come this quick

All those nights I was worried sick

The times I thought God had passed over me

Stoked fires of insecurity

But if He would’ve brought her before I was ready

Our relationship would not have been steady

It wasn’t to cause me unneeded pain

Or to make loneliness drive me insane

In the midst of the silence, I finally learned

That a perfect match can never be earned

It’s only received as I walk in faith

And with patience, learn how to wait

Until God’s plan comes to pass

Though He may not move too fast

I’m so glad I waited and did it His way

So looking back, I won’t have to say

That I forced something that wasn’t His plan

Or always had to understand

I stopped striving to achieve my goal

And let go of all control

To the One who has the power to make

An effortless match without the heartache

Seeing her come down the aisle I felt

Something inside me begin to melt

These were a different kind of tears

Worth every single one of those years

That I chose to believe there was someone for me

And learned to trust God’s sovereignty

I found out that He can always be trusted

Even when my plans seem to be busted

Though I often wanted to quit

God taught me the power of learning to sit

And not just trying to make the time pass

He gave me contentment, a kind that would last

It was worth it all—I’d do it again

In exchange for knowing my very best friend

I would not trade what we have now

For a few less years of waiting around

And though we’ve had to keep on growing

Hard times together were simply showing

That we had to fight the big temptation

Of making each other our foundation

Instead of delighting in God alone

The most Perfect Match we’ve ever known

To Him alone belongs the glory

For He’s the author of our story

Even through all of those growing years

And countless bottles of my tears

God knew the end from the beginning

I didn’t need to keep plates spinning.

I needed to trust His timing was best

That all He wanted from me was to rest

While waiting for His plan to hatch

I finally found my perfect match

May God do the same for you as you delight yourself in Him!

-Excerpt from The Perfect Match

Wes Raley

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