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"You Need To Be Okay With Boredom..."

"You need to be okay with boredom..."

The Lord gave us this word at the beginning of the year.

Isn't it so easy - too easy - to fill the space with everything? Anything?

I see this time as a "Holy Hush." God has allowed this odd time of LESS (for most of us anyways) and it's so easy to fill the empty. Perhaps because we are afraid of what would happen if we didn't have anything to do or be entertained by.

One day a few months ago, I decided to not be on my phone at all. This was a slow day at home as well so there was much more time to think and reflect. I ended up being super emotional that day. The busyness had masked my true state of mind.

It's in times of stillness that God often works mightily. I truly believe we will see a sweeping revival because of this time. Let's pray for that.

In our boredom may the LORD speak to his children ❤️

1 Kings 19:11-13

❤️Love, Korie

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